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U5:Enterprises would like to thank you for visiting our website. We invite all countries to join us as we move forward towards WORLD U5:2016!!! 

After a history of fame stemming from its 1987 roots, U5 reappears in 2008 with one of its orininal Prezes starting a U5 business.  Building upon the popular character Inky which appeared in various, outlets such as: Graff News, Fine Print Magazine,  The Bushwick Observer, and various newsletters, U5's legacy continues. On July 5th 2008, a long overdue 20-years U5 reunion was held at NYC's South Street Seaport. There, Rated met with original U5 members to reveal the memoirs of U5 depicted in "U5: The Truth Behind The Lives." During this reunion, U5 essentially 'reunited' again. Its purpose was to create a successful business venture with U5 members.

The company would draw upon their individual artistic abilities to provide a marketable product to offer the public. This company is named U5: Enterprises! 

U5: Enterprises is set to become the premium location for art, unique merchandise, and live entertainment. By drawing from our member’s inert talents, it allows us to continue to be relevant to other artists, admired by our customers, and sought after by stakeholders. Our 5 year vision will see U5 being represented in every single country to make make U5 the first GLOBAL graffiti crew/company ever! This push will occur from 2012 - 2016 to create over 2,500 members, among the 196 existing countries countries to create World:U5!

U5:Enterprises founder, and Chapter 3 President - Rated has painted dozens of murals internationally to include Cambodia, Vietnam, Puerto Rico and Rwanda. Just 90 days after U5:Enterprises began, U5:Enterprises, a subsidiary of U5:Enterprises saw Jen Bair U5 from Akron, Ohio go on tour in El Salvador launching the company to startdom in San Salvador.  There Jen Bair delivered a taste of U5:Enterprises as bewildered on lookers were amazed at this American talent. After shows at the prominent clubs in San Salvador, El Salvador, Jen Bair also had an opportunity to performed at the American Embassy, El Salvador prompting major attendtion and coverage by local and nationwide media. Rated followed up with an unprecedented August 2011 hip-hop art show (U5:Arternity) in Phnom Penh, Cambodian culture delivered a taste of all the elements of hip-hop to Cambodia culture. Building upon that event, Rated entered the "40 Masks Exhibition" at Phnom Penh's Plantation Hotel and a subsequent June 2012 hip-hop art show entitled U5:Quite Capable held at the infamous Meta House. In both Meta House shows, Rated brought in vocal artists from his U5:Entertainment business - Lottie Dah and Furor U5. These artists provided Cambodia authentic New York City 80s era graffiti and vocal artists. His second book " Take Everything That I Have, Then Take More...U5: My 5oul to Keep" will be the next book to be released as well as his next issue of "Fine Print" magazine. Meanwhile, his first book "U5: The Truth Behind The Lives" continues to soar and receive praise in both English and Cambodian Languages. Book signings are ongoing and have occurred in Cambodia, New York, Arizona and Washington D.C. A strong push will follow to promote a myriad of U5:Merchandise including U5:GRFX clothing, Crys U5's [U5:XTRA's] Unique Lingerie, and the upcoming movie "Escaping Bushwick."  Crys U5 takes the helm of the company as its Chief Operating Officer - COO. Her vision is to manage the individual countries' activities as we press forward towards WORLD U5:2016!!!

Mission Statement

To provide a platform for graffiti artists and musicians of all genre to showcase their talents while preserving the concept of U5, all in remembrance of our fallen brothers Soni, Slick, Asp and Zan. In this manner they along with the name of U5 will continue to live indefinitely.  

Vision Statement

U5: Enterprises is set to become the premium one-stop shopping location for Art, Graffiti Apparel, Health & Beauty Services, Unique Merchandise and live entertainment. By drawing from our member’s inert talents, it allows us to continue being desired by artists, admired by our customers, and sought after by stakeholders. Our 5 years vision will see U5 being represented in every single country to make U5 the first GLOBAL graffiti crew/company ever! This push will occur from 2012 - 2016 to create over 2,500 members, among the 196 existing countries to create World:U5!

Countries represented:

 United States of America

 El Salvador











 Cote d'ivoire











 England, United Kingdom


 South Africa







 Central African Republic

 Congo Democratic Republic



 Holy See (Vatican)  





 Puerto Rico






 New Zealand





American Samoa




 Costa Rica

 Dominican Republic








 Sudan (South)








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* Richard Crasta is a fellow Author and good friend, and also a memeber of U5 in India. His Hilarious books never cease to make readers laugh untill they fall into unconsciousness!!! Pick up any of his books to experience a truly Unique humoroU5 experience, in U5 fashion!!! Please refer to his website http://www.richardcrasta.com for general information about his books, or to his links to his external sites. Search for his books (a few under his pen name"Benny Profance") on: Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Apple, Kobo and Createspace AUTHOR PAGE are as follows; 

http://www.richardcrasta.com, for general information about his books, or to his page for links to external sites. Or please search for his books (a few under his pen name “Benny Profane”) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and Createspace. AUTHOR PAGEs are as follows;Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/nc07dD ; Apple Itunes: http://bit.ly/qWYPOI ; Barnes & Noble Nook: http://bit.ly/pk0dzB ; Kobo: http://bit.ly/HAh8PM ; Smashwords: http://bit.ly/g2GRMl ; Lulu: http://bit.ly/10kGJIH ; Sony: http://bit.ly/T0Jc6c

* The infamous crew of Brooklyn that became a company, is now gearing up for its own movie! Yes, U5, the popular Bushwick graffiti crew has been chosen by screen play writer - Javier Ortiz - in a compelling upcoming movie entitled "Escaping Bushwick." Visit www.EscapingBushwick.com for more info, and follow the progress on facebook!!!

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* Information on The Saigon Projects - https://www.facebook.com/Saigon.projects?ref=ts (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

* S5 Prez in Hanoi, Vietnam (Dzung Zung) displays his artwork at the following website: http://www.dickzunk.com